Patrick’s exposure to AK-47s ,beyond the battle field, began in 2010 when he and a few friends co-founded a small gun build operation out of their garage.  This inspired idea was  the humble beginning for a, simple and  functional,  business start up that proved to be a fun and fruitful endeavor.  As the business start up grew,  in 2013 , Patrick was lead into a position with an AK manufacturer where he was hired as a line worker threading barrels, conducting head space cleaning and managing 922r Compliance. With the  growing demand and personal passion for these guns Patrick started creating 1-off custom AK builds and was recognized by the organization for his ingenuity and acumen with the  title of Line Supervisor .  A fervor for growth and desire to learn the artistry and industry  of gun manufacturing pushed Patrick ahead on his path as he became Head of Operations and Production.

During his employment  in the AK-47 manufacturing venue, business ventures lead Patrick across the world where he established relationships with top foreign AK-47 manufacturers in Romania. Opportunities and relationships from across  the world  flourished and pushed open doors within the AK-47 platform ; bringing with it a wealth of skill, education, knowledge and experience .

Patrick’s enthusiasm to apply his expertise in business and to the creation of AK-47s eventually lead him towards a partnership with Dave Martinedale (Master Machinist & Aerospace Technician) .

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